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August Trend Report: Going Global

Posted by Vanessa Grant Tuesday, August 16, 2011 4:21 PM EST


You've heard it before: the world wide web has made sharing information across the globe so simple it's second nature. So it's really no surprise that not only are trends becoming international but the influence behind those trends is coming from all over the world.

Trends are also crossing genres, with decor, fashion and even food sharing inspiration (see and's takes on the same trend below).

Clockwise from top left: Suzani Medallion Dinner Plates, Pier1 Imports; Black Raffia Rippling Star Basket, Ten Thousand Villages; Tobacco Vases, New Caribbean Design; Spliced Shibori Pillow, Anthropologie; Liana Chair, New Caribbean Design; Empire Kilim Rug, West Elm

In the past, we've seen Asian, Moroccan and African themes become trendy but lately it's all a bit of a mash-up. Pieces from every culture blend nicely into one eclectic melting pot — kinda like Canada.

And while it's all fine and well to pick up accessories inspired by Central Asia or Africa, actually buying furniture, a rug or a pillow made by people from the region just feels so much more genuine PLUS it usually does something good for our planet.

Ten Thousand Villages (where you can find the basket above) is a great resource for ethically-sources, fair trade products from around the world.

The vases and chair above come from an initiative called New Caribbean Design featured at Toronto's Interior Design Show early this year. The initiative's aim was to create awareness for Caribbean design and handmade goods and includes products from Haiti and Barbados all the way to Botswana.

You may find pieces like West Elm's Kilim rug that are actually hand-woven in India.

So when creating a global mix, consider a mix of handmade items from faraway lands with pieces you find in your favourite decor stores.

Topics: Decor, Interior Design, Eastern/Middle Eastern/African Influences


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