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5 Cribs We’re Crazy About

Posted by Abigail Pugh Friday, March 22, 2013 3:00 PM EST


Until about 10 years ago, baby furniture occupied one of two categories: boring and basic, or so cutesy-wootsy you might get a sugar rush. Then, alongside all the other baby basics (witness the fashion parade of ‘it’ change tables, high chairs and strollers!), cribs suddenly grew up. None of these puppies would look out of place in the MOMA design collection.

Here are five chic cribs we’re eyeing:


clip_image002[5]A Pop of Colour for your Poppet

One look at these carefully contoured feet tells you this isn’t just a crib: it’s a ‘piece’. The Caravan crib ($815, no mattress) is convertible to a toddler bed and comes in raw maple, black or one of four beautiful and very of-the-moment colours. Made in the US, non-toxic and environmentally sustainable too.



clip_image002Mod(ern) Design and Mod(est) Price


Stunningly plain and clean-lined, the Benjamin Mod crib ($379, no mattress) is a little bit Shaker in feel. No frills or flourishes, just blocky little rectangular feet and white or espresso picket-fence sides, it converts to a toddler, day and even a double bed.




clip_image002[8]Gotta Stokke

In contrast to the right angles of the previous two cribs, the Stokke ($899.99, no mattress) is all about the curves. Convertible to a toddler bed and then a child’s bed, it hugs its occupant for a lovely cave-like feeling. This is the granddaddy of designer cribs, and spawned a generation of imitators.








Oh! Leander

It’s Danish, of course. That’s why it feels so timelessly plain, and yet so oddly, quietly quirky. This crib ($1,749.99 with mattress) not only converts to various other types of bed, but can also be a pretty hallway bench, for when baby grows up and prefers not to take his old crib off to university.







clip_image002[12]I Am Crib, Hear Me Roh

This could be the ultimate (and ultimately pricey?) crib. If you love design but thought you were done having kids, the 100% recyclable, BPA-free clear acrylic sides and local (US) walnut base of the Roh crib ($1,999 no mattress) might make you change your mind. And yes it converts.




From one parent to another, here’s a tip. Try searching for any of these secondhand on Craigslist or Kijiji. Get lucky on this? Let us know.


For even more nursery inspiration, visit our Kids Rooms section.

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