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Alicia Cox Thomson is a digital media consultant and PR professional with a passion for all things pretty and creative. Some of her favourites include the city of Barcelona, costume designer Edith Head, butcher block countertops and the colour orange.

2011 Round Up: Hot Topics of the Year

Posted by Alicia Cox Thomson Wednesday, December 28, 2011 1:33 PM EDT


I love a year-end list, don't you? We've seen hot topics sprout up seemingly out of nowhere here on Style Sheet, as well as on our Facebook fan page and via our Twitter feed @hgtvcanada. For one reason or another, people are more vocal about some topics than others -- and sometimes it gets heated! Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we? Here are three of our most discussed posts this year.

Elana asked an innocent question back in May: Does anyone use the flat sheet in a set of sheets? Are you that fancy? Well, we were all surprised at how many people either a) thought Elana was gross for not using a flat sheet, or b) had their noses slightly put out of joint by her use of the word fancy to describe people who do use it.

Commenter Paul said: "The flat sheet is an integral part of the bed and not using it is gross." Nicole, on the other hand was on Elana's side: "It is not gross. The flat sheet is not some amazing germ absorbing material. Speaking for myself, I use a duvet cover which functions the same way as a flat sheet and does not end up crumpled at the bottom of my bed."

We know Sarah Richardson is our number 1 host for a reason -- people love her aesthetic and interior design prowess. But there was one room on Sarah's House season 4 that drew some fire -- the infamous blue dining room!

Our weekly Discuss post had a record-setting 34 comments and Facebook and Twitter were also buzzing. It seems the rich blue room with its mix of shades and stripes was too much for some people's taste. What does everyone think now that the house is finished? Watch the finale and let us know what you think!

August was Kids' Month and the biggest story was the three-part, cross-border design project deemed Project Nursery Fabulous by its two collaborating designers, Canadian Meredith Heron (Restaurant Makeover), based in Toronto and American Gretchen Aubuchon, based near Boston. Gretchen was expecting baby #3 -- a girl after two boys -- and her nursery needed a makeover. The red-headed design duo met over Twitter and decided to work together. The result? A pink and turquoise nursery that many a grown woman would enjoy, if the comments are any indication.

Remember this mash-up of pattern, colour, grown up furniture and baby-sweet must-haves? I'm still digging the fresh approach -- what do you think?

Stay tuned for the top blog posts of 201, as well as the announcement of our new winter schedule. (Yes, we have Home By Novogratz!)

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