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Guest Author

15 Thoughts that are Thought in Families Living with One Bathroom

Posted by Guest Author Friday, May 16, 2014 1:24 PM EST




1. Privacy is a bourgeois luxury.


2. Why did I think simply closing the door was going to stop my children from coming in when I’m on the toilet?


3. Are they actually standing right outside the door, waiting for me to finish? I can’t do this if I can hear them breathing.


4. The shower curtain totally works as a wall when I’m in the tub and he/she needs to go #2 (no it doesn’t.)


5. Yep, that smell was me. WHAT CAN I DO ABOU IT? (Nothing. We only have the one bathroom.)


6. Company/mom/utility worker coming over? Have to clean the bathroom.


7. My dinner guest is currently looking through my medicine cabinet. For sure.


8. No…who does that? I do. I have. So they are, for sure.


9. Did I close the shower curtain? I meant to deal with that hair in the tub…


10. If I didn’t close the shower curtain, they can see my dandruff shampoo.


11. Really? Did my husband just pee in the backyard? That’s not fair.


12. Well, if we take out the refrigerator, maybe we can fit a powder room between the kitchen and the hallway closet.


13. Maybe we can put a powder room in the hallway closet.


14. How much knee/head clearance does one really need between a toilet and a sinkette? (Tiny sink. No, that’s not a real word.)


15. Didn’t I JUST change the roll???

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