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Jen Tse is a fashion stylist and writer living in Toronto. Her work can be seen in/on DAZED Digital, NOW, Ukula, Toro and Gloss.

11 DIY Chandeliers You Won't Believe!

Posted by Jen Tse Saturday, May 12, 2012 2:36 PM EST


Last week on, we examined 12 contemporary chandeliers, and they were pretty awesome. Now, get ready for more awesomeness, but of a different kind. As part of’s DIY and Small Projects Month, I bring some of the coolest do-it-yourself material you've likely seen in a long time! 11 Accessible, affordable, easy-to-make DIY chandeliers!

These DIY projects are modern and clever, and use materials creatively. They are practical and realistic, and use tools and objects you can find at your local hardware store (and in some cases, grocery shop). Any one of these chandeliers can brighten up a room and establish a point of focus. Better yet, these light fixtures are easy to change up. To name but a few: a heavier orb chandelier for the fall; a light pastel-hued paint swatch chandelier for spring and summer; a butterfly chandelier for the patio and garden, and so on. The sky, or in this case the ceiling, is truly the only limit.

3 DOILY & STRING CHANDELIERS [pictured, top of post]
Lace lamp/doily lamp: A variation on the string orb, it uses lace doilies dipped in papier-mâché. Paper doily chandelier: A cascade of lacy doilies creates an elegant and vintage feel. String chandeliers: Light, airy and ethereal, you can hang one or several for a beautiful effect.

Orb chandelier: Caged orb chandeliers, inspired by Foucault’s pendulum, are recreated here, with inexpensive garden baskets. Sculptural paper orb lights: Gorgeous! This is literally a soft glowing paper bulb of light, made out of, yup, coffee filters.;

Le Beouf brass pipe chandelier: Minimal, masculine and simple, this sleek pronged chandelier also subs in as a piece of art. Birdcage chandelier: Tweet tweet, go the birds, or you can so imagine. With a cage this pretty, they might never want to break free. Budget-friendly mod chandelier: Need a chandelier to match your cat eyes? This mod-inspired, “pick up stick” chandelier, packs a strong simple statement. Bloom lamp chandelier: Undulating white ribbons surrounds a white bulb. It’s vaguely calming and avant-garde.;; ibid;

Paint swatch chandelier: A girlish, dainty and pastel take on using paint swatches. Beaded chandelier: I feel the dry heat of the Moroccan desert and the sway of belly dancers when I look at this lamp. Ornate but classic, the beaded chandelier is an easy way to add a bit of ethnic flair into your household.;

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