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10 Reasons to Rent a Vacation Property

Posted by Guest Author Friday, January 17, 2014 3:54 PM EST




As a vacation property owner myself, I am often convincing people that renting a place vs staying at a hotel is a much more enriched experience.


When I was young, my family routinely looked to the all-inclusive option for our yearly week in the sun. It’s such a logical proposition, that for a financially conscious family, it was hard to beat. But as the years wore on and we stayed at every major chain out there, we, as many others have come to see it, ‘grew out of it’.


The ritual meals, social programs and day-to-day activities that held the promise of convenience and relaxation, left us feeling…like a number.


So we got off the all-inclusive circuit, and started to explore private vacation rentals in our favourite destinations. We never looked back.


Crunching the numbers against the all-inclusive deals was not an easy task – at the time, 20 years ago, it involved some initial leg work. But we found our way, and got the budgets down to almost comparable. Whatever we did end up overspending, paid off ten-fold in experience.


Eventually we invested in a vacation property of our own, and are now enthusiastic members of  the word’s renter community. Since we first got in the game, the internet has really facilitated an explosion of websites that help you find, and even swap vacation properties, around the globe.


Here, 10 reasons why you should rent a vacation property, from the couple behind one of my favourite rental websites,   You no longer have to take it from me…

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