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10 Quirky Coasters

Posted by Mia Shulman, Managing Editor Tuesday, November 6, 2012 10:13 AM EST


Add a little humour to your holiday party with unusual coasters that are sure to help break the ice (and keep your coffee table ring-free!).




Wishful Drinking

Cute and colourful coasters to spice up a coffee table...or inspire a spontaneous holiday getaway!

Jet Set Coasters, $48 (below, left). Available at



Against the Grain

These handcrafted coasters are perfect for a cottage or chalet. Pair them with woodsy decor through the holidays, and use them year round for a touch of nature in the home.

Hickory Coaster Set, $26 (above right). Available at


Go Wilde

Witty quotes courtesy of one of literature's greatest minds make for perfect conversation starters at your next fete.

Oscar Wilde Coaster Set, $34 (below, left). Available at



Slip & Slide

The unique design of these stainless steel coasters prevents them from sticking to glasses and collects condensation in the divets, keeping tables dry as a bone. 

Nuance Coasters, $35 (above right). Available at


Picture Perfect

One-of-a-kind ceramic Polaroid coasters will catch the eye of every Instagram addict at your party. 

Beach Drink Coasters, $20 (below, left). Available at



Seeing Stars

The intricate designs of these coasters make them a great focal point, even when not in use. Mix and match colours for added variation.

Celestial Coaster Set, $32 (above right). Available at


Horn of Plenty

Horn adds a sophistication to tabletops that seamlessly blends with almost all aesthetics, making them perfect for hostess gifts.

Horn Coasters, $12 (below, left). Available at



Cozy Coasters

With party season fast approaching, it's wise to have extra coasters on hand. This set in felt takes up little storage space and adds a cute touch to holiday decor.

Felt Coaster Set, $10 (above right). Available at


A Royal Mix

We can't get enough of these whimsical hand-painted illustrations of "royal" cocktails. The white Russian is our favourite, hands down. 

Rifle Paper Co. Royal Cocktail Coasters, $18 (below, left). Available at




Luxe Lace

Forget everything you believed about doilies. These black lace coasters will look nothing but chic on a glossy white coffee table.

Black Cake Lace Coasters, $19 (above right). Available at



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